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"El Padrino" Electric Chopper Bike

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"El Padrino" Chopper bike - A Beast On Wheels

Our top of the range Chopper comes with high-quality components tried, tested and approved by the industry’s best.

The Bafang middle drive motor and 80NM torque paired with Enviolo’s variable shifting system turn the Chopper’s powdercoated frame into a veritable beast on wheels, able to take on urban obstacles with ease and efficiency.

As for the range, the 36V - 16Ah battery powers the Chopper for up to 100 km at a time, giving its rider a true taste of unlimited power.

Inspired by classic motorcycle design, this bike-motorcycle concept allows you to enjoy the feeling of freedom on two wheels, both on classic routes and in areas not accessible to traditional motorcycles: bicycle tracks, pedestrian areas, cliffs and sidewalks.


Chopper Ebike

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   Wheels are the visual DNA of this model. Equipped with 108 stainless steel springs each and chopped in chopper style, they are 100% handmade in our workshop in Romania.
The tank is specially built for this model, can be printed in various designs and incorporates a 16 Ah lithium battery.
   Equipped with a 250W middle drive engine, Enviolo 360 gearbox, "Z" custom made handlebars, a 16 Ah battery that lets you ride up to 100 km, LED display, chrome-plated light bulb, chopper style saddle with integrated suspension. We can change the colour of the frame, rims and the image on the tank at your request.

 * Product that can be purchased only on pre-order basis;
 * Production time 30 days;
 * Lifetime warranty on frame / fork / handlebars;


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